A wrong bed can aggravate back problem

Back problem?

Chiropractor: Get the right bed!!

sleep scienceAround one in five is in a bed that can aggravate back problem and sore loins.

When a third of your life is spent in sleep, the bed one of the furniture, we spend most of.

Still, we think too little of the importance of the bed, and it may have to go out of the back and loins.

Chiropractor Michael Randsøe from Herlev Chiropractic Center has worked as a consultant for bed companies and trained store staff in advising on bed choice. He regularly experiences clients with back problem aggravated by a bad bed.

“If I were to make a conservative estimate, is between 20 and 25 percent probably in the wrong bed. “The figure can also easily be much higher,” he says. Explaining that people are too poor to replace their bed in time.

“A regular bed holding a maximum of 10 years. Many are in them until they are completely worn out.”

A bad mattress can course back problems

Tom Bendix, professor and head of the research unit at the Centre for Rheumatology and back disorders in the Glostrup Hospital, agrees with Michael Randsøe. “A bed can potentially help to aggravate back problem, although it does not damage your back as such.”

“It has a particular significance, and it speaks different studies Also. Although one must be careful to come with square messages when it comes to back problem,” he says.

Without the precise number, he also believes that Michael Randsøe is right in the statement that people tend to forget that a bed has an expiration date.

“It is clear that an ordinary spring mattress does not last forever. Although it can be difficult to say anything definitive about whether a worn mattress has a meaning for people with back problems, without having made a major study. The few studies made all suggest that it can worsen a bad back, “he says.

Michael Randsøe frequently finds in his practice that people extolled beds that have more than 20 years old.

“The problem is that the decay on your bed – and yourself – occurs over a long time. You follow your bad bed and get used to it and brands might find that it helps to make your back problem worse, could ” says chiropractor.


Sweat damage the mattress

sleep scienceThe six months to a liter of sweat, on average, we deliver at night, is one of the major culprits, says Michael Randsøe.

“The chemistry in our sweat, and as we expose the mattress every night is pretty aggressive. It breaks down materials and plastics and gives rust on the springs. Over time, the bed tires and do not provide the proper support, “he says.

In the worst cases help to aggravate pain or discomfort in the back and lower back. Something that up to one in three adults Dane struggling. According to a report from the National Institute of Public Health from 2011.

It makes pain or discomfort in the back and loins to one of the major causes of disability and absenteeism. It is the third most reported annoyance, only surpassed by pain in the shoulder or neck and pain in the arms, hands, legs and knees.

Back problems – Do not save money on the bed

Although a bad bed is far from the only contributing factor to a bad back, should according to Michael Rands sense the bed may be a factor.

“Do you wake up with back pain in the morning, it is usually muscular. Your bed support may be wrong. Do you get pain during the day, it will typically be joints that are the problem, “he says and stresses that the rule of thumb, of course, will not apply in all cases. In any case, you  should get a professional evaluation if you have back problems.

Whatever believe the chiropractor is not that the bed is a piece of furniture, you have to save.

“The bed is the piece of furniture; you should make the greatest demands on the home. Are you going to found a home, then prioritize the bed and sit on beer crates in the living room. It is not so harmful to sit on an old, worn beer crate, as it is to sleep in a cheap, bad bed “, he stresses and advises people to use the upcoming summer holidays to think about their sleeping conditions.

‘Going on vacation and sleep in a different bed than your own, try to feel the difference in the morning. It is a good way to assess whether the bed at home needs to be replaced, “he concludes.