Spring mattress vs foam mattress

Spring vs Foam mattress – pro’s and con’s

One of the first thing you need to consider when buying a new bed is the mattress. Witch type do you want to buy. For many years there  where only one choice and that was a mattress with springs. These were and still is really good. We will in no way try to speak bad of spring mattresses. It is a well know and well trusted product, but it is our belief that a modern bed should have a memory foam Mattress. More about this later. Let’s start with a closer look at the structure of  a spring Mattress.

This is springs inside pockets

This is springs inside pockets

Spring mattress

Depending on the quality you will  have between 50 and 200 springs. For sleep quality  more is obviously better.

In the more expensive models, the individual springs often lie in their own soft bag. This is to reduce noise when turning and it should be this kind of model you should  choose if going for a spring type of model.

Spring types

Spring mattresses of  higher quality is available with different hardness of the springs. Not only from bed to bed, but also in each bed. There will be softer springs in the leg and head end of the bed. In the middle to support your bodyweight they are a little harder. This is to create a more equal distribution of weight and should risk of alleviate back pain. On top of the mattress will often be a topper. They are available in thickness between 5 and 15 cm. Usually the topper are made of some kind of foam or other soft material. This is a absolute must when having a spring mattress.

Memory foam – the new type of mattress

As previously written, we will in no way speak bad of spring mattresses. They have been the best you could get for many years. What we will like to tell is that now there are new and better alternatives. Originally developed for NASA for astronauts, but now available to the general public. Memory foam mattress that moulds to your body when lying in bed and thereby provide full support. Throughout the whole length of the body and not only at the points each springs are.  A sleep science mattress has an additional advantage caused by the special memory foam used , witch are able to distract heat and keeps your body temperature stable. It’s no more a issue to wake up in a sweat.

No topper

Sleep science matress have no topmaddres to equalize the pressure of  the springs and is regarded by many experts as the best mattres for back pain. More and more hospitals are beginning to replace the old beds with new foam mattresses since it is proven that better sleep improves restitution and patients thereby recover faster after surgery.

Sleep science mattress

Although we believe that a sleep science maddres is the best for your back and sleep quality in generel there are also some disadvantages of it. First of all it is not a cheap Mattress and you can not  expect the same  lifetime as we know from the old beds, as the foam slowly loses its elasticity and no longer provides the same support.  In time there will come like a small indentation in the center and at that time you will have to replace it. You can expect a lifetime of 5-7 years depending on usage. This however is also the only negative thing there is to say about the mattress and the great benefits of comfort will more than offset the disadvantages. Sleepsciencemattress.org can tell you more about this