Sleep well, and live longer

The key to a good night sleep


You spend a third of your life sleeping – see how to get the most of the time you spend in your bed.

Would you like to grow stronger, smarter, healthier and even more beautiful? Yes, who will not? The good news is that all you have to do is sleep …

You actually use a third of your life to sleep, so you are well on your way to good life already, but unfortunately, we are compromising on our sleep. Many things can play in and impair the quality of our sleep and thus the quality of life. Perhaps you are stressing over work, the children require attention at night or you have not created the best conditions for the good sleep in the bedroom.

Sleep Science Mattress has a mission: to change people’s perception of sleep and make them prioritize it. All research also emphasizes how important sleep is. Because when we lay down to sleep, the body certainly does not go to rest. On the contrary.

Art Wanderley, who is a sleep counselor and co-author of the book Sleep well all night, gives you his four best tips for the good sleep:


1. Prioritize your sleep

“It’s important that you get all the hours of sleep all days of the week. Loss of sleep account has consequences for your cognitive ability; For example, your ability to think clearly, remember, and the like are affected. ”


2. Create regularity

“The more regular, you can go to bed and get up every day, the better it is – and it’s all week long so you do not turn the rhythm all the way over the weekend.”


3. Make your brain ready to sleep

“It is important that you create a transition phase between waking and sleep. Many have the expectation that they can only go to bed and sleep the necessary eight hours after a busy day, but both the body and the brain need time to go down. Turn off all screens, do something fun and gets a better sleep. ”


4. Buy a good bed

“We spend 25 years of our life in bed, so it’s important that you find a bed, duvet, pillow and so on that pleases your body. Enter the room like a little cave; dark, quiet, a little cool (about 18-19 degrees) and insensitive, so eye and mind get calm. ”



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The forces of sleep

When you sleep, your body regenerates. The more undisturbed you are allowed to sleep your required hours, the better the result and a good night’s sleep can improve both your physical and mental performance during the day.


At night, your enzymes, proteins, and hormones converge to restore and renew your body and brain. Your body produces growth hormones to repair damaged and build new muscle cells and new bone mass. Your cells bell to repair damage, maintain the elasticity of the tissue, thus preserving your beauty and your brain attacks the waste your neurons produce during the day.


These are just a few of the benefits that come from sleep forces. And with this knowledge, it is clear that we do not just sleep to be healthy and feel well-behaved. We sleep to maximize performance – every single day