Why sleep quality matters!

Sleep quality matters

Research shows that sleep quality and getting a good night’s sleep – every night, helps to maintain good health. The more comfortable you are, the less twist and turning you do, and the better sleep you get.Sleep sciene mattress Simple as that!








Sleep helps to contribute to a healthy immune system, and can also balance our appetite by helping to regulate the levels of the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which affects our feelings of hunger and fullness. When we do not sleep well, we feel a need to eat more, which can lead to increased body weight. Even though we sleep a third of our lives, this is far from unproductive. Sleep plays a direct role in the energetic and successful the other two-thirds of our lives can be.

What happens when you sleep?

Your body temperature drops

Blood pressure decreases, muscles relax and blood flow increases

Injuries and illness heal/improve during sleep

Your children grow during sleep since natural growth hormone is released

Your brain rests, and the energy level is restoredsleep science mattress


Sleep quality – What can you do?

Sleep in a quiet room – sounds as low as 40 decibels can keep us awake

Make sure the room temperature of about 18 degrees – it helps the body to lower temperature

Sleeping dark – light affects our biological clock sharply.

Seaspace – choose a bed where you and possibly. Your partner both seats move.

Do not move – choose a pillow and mattress that gives you optimal support and comfort. The better you are, the less you tossing and turning.

Sleep science mattress

We design Sleep science mattress and pillows to provide you with optimum support for your body when you sleep. The unique support gives you a high comfort and causes you to be less restless when you sleep, which improves your sleep.

For couples who use a double bed, the effect of a double memory foam mattress (180×200 cm), moreover, that the movements in bed dampened by the mattress, so as not to be disturbed by the other moves or turns, which improves sleep for both.

When should I replace my pillow and mattress?

There are many different suggestions for when to change your pillow and mattress, but the truth is that it is very individual when a pillow and mattress are ripe for replacement.


The pillow

You need to replace your pillow when it no longer supports your head and neck. It can be when you use the lever to the “height” of the pad, or if you often wake up with headaches, neck or shoulder pain in the morning.

You’ll find tips for choosing the right pillow here: choose the right pillow

Instead of purchasing a brand new mattress or bed you should consider getting a mattress topper of memory foam. If you often wake up with back pain, feel the bed is uneven or if you and your partner roll together. Sleep science mattress gives optimum comfort and pressure relief with a thickness of less than 8 cm (6 cm core + 2 cm quilting). Place it directly on top of your mattress and look forward to waking up as if you had slept in a brand new bed. This is not a place you want to save. Sleep quality doesn’t come cheap, but it is money well spend.


Get more tips for a good night’s sleep here on www.sleepsciencemattress.org