Ophelia spring mattress

Ophelia Spring Mattress – 90 × 200


This is based on a spring mattress produced in Denmark. It also means that all mattresses from Ophelia today are produced in Denmark. This mattress is latex padded spring mattress that comes with 5 comfort zones, filled with pocket springs. It is – without doubt – one of the most modern and most comfortable types of springs. They are put into individual bags which helps to make the spring able to work individually and it gives you a much better and more accurate support.Sleep Science

There should be no doubt that the pocket springs are the most widely sold type of springs on the Danish market since it is the form of springs that provide the best comfort for most Danes. It is those springs that are recommended for virtually all weighing less than 95 kilos. You have the opportunity to choose between two different tenacities when you need to buy a Venus spring mattress. If you weigh less than 75 kilograms, so you should choose the medium firmness, but if, however, you have a weight that sounds exceeding 75 kilograms, so you get a better comfort and a better support by selecting a mattress that is more real and therefore you should obviously choose the fixed version.

Multi Pocket springs with COOL-TEX padding

This provides a cooling, moisture absorbent and breathable effect on the bed – 370 per. m2. As it is mentioned above, then this Ophelia spring mattress a mattress that comes with a really nice latex padding around the springs inside the mattress. It might not sound like anything special. But the fact that you have latex around the springs is to make sure you get a much better use of them. The latex is not only to give you a better use of your springs, but it is also also helps to give you a greater comfort. while you also will have a more elastic surface. In and with the latex sitting around the springs, then this latex also helps to protect your springs so that they have a significantly longer life.sleep science