Why memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattress

Why should you buy a memory foam mattress? Well, Sleep is one of the most important things regarding your health and well-being. Make sure that you have the best possible chance to get the best sleep – every night. All over the world people are now skipping their old spring mattress and start using memory foam mattress instead. With a Sleep science mattress, you are sure to have a foam mattress that will last for years to come. With its unlike memory foam that shapes itself to your body and offer a fully supported body. This provides the best comfort you have ever experienced. Make sure to wake up without back pain coursed by old-fashioned spring type mattress and look for a memory foam mattress. Benefit of memory foam


Sleep innovations – the innovation of memory foam mattress

Back in the 1970 NASA developed a new kind of material. This was ment to protect and support the astronauts during the launch of the space shuttle. Scientist worked at a place that later became the facility and production area for Sleep Science mattress, and the development is still ongoing. Memory foam is used in mattresses, pillows, and topper. Today Sleep science mattress is the only foam that is licensed by the U.S. Space Foundation. We can use use the brand name  Certified Technology.


Unlike support and comfort

The first time you try a memory foam type mattress you find out that this is unlike anything else that you have ever tried before and cannot be compared with anything else. The heat sensitive foam type shapes itself around your body and offers an unlike support and comfort duo to the heat removing features inside the foam. You will experience that you will wake up feeling perfect tempered and not hot and sweaty. The balance between exceptional support and quality gives Sleep science mattress first place in “customer satisfaction” and “sleep quality” in a study made in 12 countries’s*.

*Result is based on an interview with more than 5500 people who had purchased a new foam matress within the last six month, in 12 different European countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland / Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, UK). The satisfaction score is very high in all countries but does vary little within the countries.





Sleep science mattress is recognized and bought by hospitals, nursing homes, and sleep centers worldwide. The reason?  Because of the pressure relief and unsurpassed support they give. All the foam products are firmly tested before living the factory to insure the highest possible quality. To support the quality, there is a two years warranty.

There is a variety of different design in the mattress collection. From the simplest one to the high-end models that are a queen worthy. On top of the mattress, we always recommend a memory type foam topper which gives you, even more, support than the mattress alone. If you ad a memory foam pillow you are off to dreamland. I can guarantee you

that no matter what body type you have, there will be a mattress for you. Visit your local store to try them out for real or read more about it on www.sleepsciencemattress.org.