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sleep science mattress

The Sleep Science mattress emanates from South Bay International Company. The company manufactures the mattress with a memory foam. Sleep science mattress is sold in Costco. The Costco website the best quality of foams. Many potential customers get these types of the mattress in different sizes. The mattress is low and middle priced. Such price means most customers can buy. South Bay International Company prides itself for a better rating from BBB as the bestselling mattress company for Science mattress. The consumers revert positive reviews upon using the mattress.

Costco company

Costco offers the Sleep science mattress, as their main product. They do however offer other bedding accessories like pillows and toppers. The company is currently a prominent retailer of beddings. One of the prominent selling product is the sleep science mattresses which have gained many reviews from the customers. Reviews on Sleep science mattress recommend on the gel memory form manufactured inside to increase air circulation. The mattress provides good air condition for the customer and enhances the sleeping comfort. The mattress has a high-density memory foam. The memory foam cradles to your body and helps you to weigh off the feelings of soreness. The memory foam an also help you to reduces the back pains. A positive aspect of the mattress is the latex material that offers an extended time of durability.


The mattress

sleep science mattressYour mattress has a long lifetime as a result of the latex material. Additional benefits of the latex are the well-known ability to reduce back pains. Sleeping science mattress sells at different models in the shops. The famous model range from 3 to 6.6 inches. Customers who have used this mattress confirm a 3lb and 7lb density. Its’ 3 to 9 inches stretch help to support the foam. The support increases the suitability of the mattress. The manufacturers make the mattress with a combination of three layers. The layers are of different types and contribute to a complete comfortability of a mattress. The material answers customer demands by offering better comfort than other existing mattresses on the market. The sleeping science mattress answers the questions of customers concerns.

The sleeping science mattress comes with some benefits to the client. Customers describe the advantage of sleeping science mattress as having a range of positive aspects built in. Some significant strengths of the mattress.


  1. A range of variety in size- the foam comes in different sizes to the customer. The mattress sells as a twin size which measures 38W x 74L. The height of a twin size is comfortable when sleeping on.
  2. A range of mattress variety- when purchasing a sleeping science mattress it is advisable to choose the best choice for your comfort. Costco Company provides 8 Dream, 11 Carina and Active Loft as small-sized mattress variety. You can buy the best type suitable for your family.
  3. Friendly pricing option- the available sleeping science mattresses are sold at different prices. The price depends on the size and the type of the mattress. Currently, there exists Twin, Twin Extra Long and full size at affordable prices in the retails. A buyer can choose the mattress according to the financial standards.
  4. Costco return policy- Another strength of sleeping science mattress is provided by the company at the store. The management has a good reputation for quality service. The customers have an opportunity to test the mattress before full payment.
  5. Strong motion isolation- the available sleep science mattresses pose a top comfort layer. The layer is of high-density memory foam. The mattress contains the motion isolation which increases sleeping comfort. The motion isolation enables people sleeping together to be apart and avoid disturbing each other.
  6. After sale service- the company provides the shipping process and enable good service to the customers. The sellers provide the selling service by providing a compressed mattress. It is then rolled up and shipped in a sizable box. The company can ship the commodity to different countries. However, Costco Company restricts shipping to some countries like Alaska.
  7. Health safety- sleep science mattress provides a smooth back pain relief. The users enjoy the memory foam contours that help to shape the body. The contours support healthy sleeping posture. When sleeping on a sleep science mattress, it is impossible to experience pressure on the body parts.
  8. Best warrant- the mattress has the best warrant over the competitor brands. According to the company policy, a customer can get a warranty of about 20 years. The duration is longer than the normal span time for other types of mattresses.


Despite the stronghold factors of the sleep science mattress, it has some failing features. The disadvantages help to understand the two sides of the mattress. Customers record some disadvantages as discussed below.

  1. Low-quality performance issues- the mattress is associated with poor quality performance issues. The mattress has an over average off-gassing. Additionally, it has a weak edge for support. Its’ responsiveness for sex is minimal. Such limitations reduce the buyers’ chance of buying the product.
  2. Limited sizes- most of the sleep science mattresses are available at, at most two sizes or three sizes. This feature limits people wishing to buy sleep science mattress for the kids to miss their desire. Also, if a customer buys the mattress, it will cost extra money to buy an adjustable bed. In such cases, the base component costs more than the mattress itself.
  3. Minimum delivery time- Shoppers receive sleep science mattress in a minimum of seven to ten days. In advanced cases, the mattress might delay when it exceeds the ten days. Customers experience a delay with the delivery services.
  4. The mattress is heavy- when you purchase the mattress, you will find that it is heavy to carry. The movement of the mattress is hard especially the high-density models. It has an off-gassing odor ability and heat trap.

Sleep science mattress review

sleep science mattress


The firmness rating of a sleep science mattress varies with the selected model. When buying the mattress, it is advisable to assess the firmness of the mattress. The 8 Dream mattress, has a three memory foam layers. It contains cover components of bamboo fabric. The Latex GL comprises of 5 soy-infused polyfoams. This article provides the best information to enhance knowledge about sleep science mattress.